We're small, we're mobile, we're agile, and we've been around since 2008 but only recently moved to northern Delaware.
    Our roots are in industrial design so we're all over sketching and CAD modeling but we also get into some graphic design projects and art direction. We have quite a varied experience set so ask us we may be able to tackle that bizarre project you've been wrestling with.
  • Bradford Waugh
    Bradford Waugh
    Jumping into the industry in late 2006 Brad is the chief creative force in the company.

  • Graphic Work
    Graphic Workbranding / design / illustration
  • GPS mount
    GPS mountcad / design / drawing / product
  • Foot Spa
    Foot Spadesign / drawing / illustration
  • Pet food scoop
    Pet food scoopcad / design / drawing / illustration / product
  • Food Container
    Food Containerdesign / drawing / illustration
  • Barany Chair
    Barany Chairdesign / drawing / product
  • Photography
    ILLUSTRATIONdrawing / illustration